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The largest selection of Recycled Sari yarns anywhere!

If you've tried Recycled Silk Yarn and found it full of straw, sticks and seeds; way over-twisted, with dark, boring colors--then you haven't tried our yarns!  
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We import only the very finest yarns direct from India and Nepal and guarantee you'll have fun with them, or you can send them back.

About Recycled Sari Yarns:  Recycled Silk yarn is undoubtedly the most unique yarn you will ever encounter.  Silk thrums from India's weaving mills are handspun by women's cooperatives and cottage industries into gleaming silk skeins.  Using their traditional skills they are able to create vibrant, textured yarn in a endless array of colorways.  Each Recycled Silk skein is handspun creating natural inconsistencies and a rather scrappy nature; to make any project, no matter how simple in design, instantly charming and unique.  
We import the finest yarns available, direct from Nepal.  The colors are vibrant and it is spun evenly.  It is without a doubt the most lovely sari silk yarn available.

If you compare yarns to vacations; then most yarns are a family road-trip or perhaps a luxury cruise.  Handspun sari yarns are like a trek on foot through small villages, visiting the real lives of people along the way.  Each skein is an adventure and you can expect to find little bits of Nepal in them.

One thing that sets this yarn apart from most others is the connection to women on the other side of the globe, living in a different world.  Lots of time and care goes into each skein.  The fibers are first sorted, then hand teased, and finally handspun on a charka or drop spindle.  Once the yarn is spun it is turned in for payment.   Another group of women prepare the skeins for sale.  We only purchase yarn from cooperatives who provide good wages to the people who spin and skein the yarns, and we put a portion of our profits into helping purchase equipment or providing funds for educational programs.

Please note some skeins are 100g and some are 200g.

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Kathmandu Recycled Silk
200g Skein, 160-180 yards


Kathmandu Original is a good choice for nearly any project.  It is soft enough for next-to-the-skin items, but when knit at a tight gauge it makes a sturdy fabric. 
All colorways are multi-colored--choose your predominant color from the drop-down menu.

Knitting gauge:  approx 4-4.5 sts an inch on US 8-9 needles
Try larger needles for a soft, drapey fabric.

Popular Patterns for Kathmandu Original:   
Unbiased Bag
(free at
Gypsy Shoulder Bag (free pdf), Bucket Bag (free pdf)
Sumptuous Scarf (free pdf), Sunburst Sling Bags ($)

Kathmandu:  Bathed
200g Skein:  $17.00

approx. 160-190 yds ~ Silk Remnants

This yarn had a nice bath before it's trip around the globe.  Each skein is washed with a softener and put in the sun to dry creating a soft yarn with a silky feel and blended colors.

Bathed comes in more muted colors--deep purple or burgundy.  It doesn't stripe as much as other recycled silk yarns but creates a more blended color effect.

Pre-shrunk and great for clothing and accessories.

Knitting gauge:  approx 3.5-4 sts an inch on US 9 needles
Popular Patterns for Kathmandu Bathed:
Sumptuous Scarf (free pdf)
Ribs & Ribbons (free pdf)
Tapestry Shawl ($)

Hand Picked
100g Skein:  $10.00 
approx. 80-90 yds ~ 100% silk


This yarn is like butter!  This yarn is spun from remnants of very fine silk.  It is soft, evenly spun, shiny, and not over-twisted.  A finer gauge than most recycled silk yarns, Hand Picked is easy to work with.  Hand Picked comes in several color choices (from the top):  Sea (greens), Sky (blues), Pastel I (light colors), Pastel II (currently out of stock), Spiced Chai (oranges, golds),  and Red/Burgundy.

Great for next to the skin items.
See some clothing patterns here and scarf patterns here.

Knitting gauge: 
approx 4-4.5 sts an inch on US 7-8 needles
Popular Patterns for Hand Picked:   
One Skein Ribbed Hat (free pdf)
Sumptuous Scarf (free pdf)
Ribs & Ribbons (free pdf)

Hand Picked Hues
100g Skein:  $14.00
approx. 110 yds ~ 100% silk

Spun from premium silk thrums, these Recycled Silk yarns are *almost* solid.  Either spun from sorted fibers or dyed, these yarns are lusciously soft and brilliantly hued.  Each skein radiates color and shine.  
As colors change from time to time, be sure to order enough to finish your project.

Knitting gauge:  approx 4-4.5 sts an inch on US 7-8 needles

To view colors available and free patterns for this yarn, click here.

Handpainted Recycled Silk
100g Skein:  $12.00
approx. 120-150 yds ~ 100% silk

We took the finest white recycled silk yarn available and handpainted it five fabulous colorways.  Fine, evenly spun, and not over twisted-- this yarn is soft, shiny, and absolutely divine!

Knitting gauge:  approx 5-6 sts an inch on US 6-8 needles

To view colors available, click here.


Sari Ribbon
50g Skein: $7.50
approx. 25 yards ~ silk fabric strips

Something to make your project truly unique, this ribbon yarn is made from hand cut strips of silk fabrics hand sewn or hand-tied end to end.  Perfect for freeform knitting and crochet, rug hooking, book making, doll hair, jewelry, weaving, embellishing, embroidery, quilting techniques, and virtually any "edgy" project.  The fabrics found in this yarn are generally silks, plus cotton and rayon, with occasional metal threads.  approx. 10-20 mm wide

Popular Patterns for Sari Ribbon:
Cell Phone/iPod Pouches (free pdf)
Sari So Shawl (free pdf)
Mermaid's Purse (free pdf)

Live Wire Sari Yarn
200g Skein:  $15.00 
approx. 105 yds ~ 100% silk

Live Wire is very different than any other yarns recycled silk yarns.  It is made from reclaimed fabric strips from sari production.  The strips are spun one after another creating a distinctive stripe effect.   It is not a soft yarn and best used for textile art applications as well as weaving heavy fabrics.
 Fabulous for woven rugs.

Please note: there may be breaks in the skein at the joins

200g Skein:  $12.00 
approx. 125-175 yds ~ Rayon remnants

My first thought when I saw this yarn was of Millefiori glass.  A fabulous mix of colors it is soft, feathery, and has a slinky drape. Skeins range in color from predominately pink, red, blue, or a multi color mix.  It is great for knitting scarves, shawls, sweaters and hats.  Millefiori yarn is ideal for use in felting projects--like the Felt Bowl Trio--it keeps a bright color and adds interesting texture.


Millefiori: Black!
200g Skein:  $12.00 
approx. 125-175 yds ~ Rayon remnants

Feathery soft and jet black, this Millefiori makes a dramatic statement.  Great for scarves and other items requiring a slinky drape.  One 200g skein makes a long, skinny scarf on size US 15 needles.

Knitting gauge:  approx 3 sts an inch on US 9-10 needles

Recycled Silk Fibers are here with other spinning fibers.

Examples of color variations...
Because recycled silk yarn is handspun, each skein varies in its colorway, gauge, twist and texture.  Just like the saris this yarn is made from, there is an infinite number of color mixtures.  We try to fill orders with yarn with a similar color theme and similar gauge yarn.  If you prefer a more dramatic, striped effect; request an assortment of colors. If you want a more uniform look, try alternating between two skeins as you knit.

Yardage varies...
We have listed the median yardage for each type of yarn listed.  Since all the yarns are handspun, the yardage varies from skein per skein.  The thickness and amount of twist in particular skein can make a big difference in the total yardage.  If your yarn is over-twisted, letting out some of the twist will make it easier to work with and maximize your yardage.  The easiest way to do this is by putting a rubber band around your ball and dangling your knitting allowing it to turn and untwist the working yarn.

Part of the charm of recycled silk is that it is unpredictable, making knitting with it just as rewarding as your finished product.

Recycled silk tips, care instructions and "Unbiased" variations.


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