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See below for an assortment of reclaimed silk fibers.

Sari Silk Fibers:
Silk remnants from weaving mills in India, these fibers are a mix of colors with fabulous shine.  Staple length ranges from one inch to one yard.  Card alone or with wool, spin as is, toss in as you go--whatever you do will be unique.  Use for wet felting, needle felting, quilting techniques, embroidery, and with an embellisher.
View examples of handspun yarns made with recycled silk.

We offer three types of Sari Silk Fibers:

--Recycled Silk Fibers
are little clumps of color of varied types and textures of silk. Colors tend to be bright primaries.

--Premium Silk Fibers are from high quality silk thrums and are groups of long lustrous strands.  Colors are a range of burgundy, purple, red, blue, gold, green, etc.

Pure Silk Thrums are small skeins of premium silk thrums with the woven sari fabric attached. These luscious fibers can be cut from the fabric and wound off, spun, or used with any of the above mentioned techniques.

Colors vary by the bag, but are usually at least 30% red/burgundy.

Recycled Silk Fibers, $12.00 for 8 oz bag

Premium Silk Fibers, $15.00 for 8 oz

Pure Silk Thrums, $20.00 for 8 oz

Pulled Silk Fiber:
This fiber is hard to find, but really lovely to use. It is made by "pulling" the silk from remnant fabrics. It can be spun as is, or carded in with other fibers to create a lovely heathered, multi-colored effect. View sample spun thick and thin with red merino.  Pulled silk is lighter in weight than other silk fibers and lofty like wool.  Colors range from red to blue to cream.

$15.00 for a 4 oz bag


Thrown Silk Waste:
This fiber is a by-product of reeled silk.  In its raw form it is a stiff fiber and needs degumming.  This can be done before or after spinning.  Once degummed the fibers are harder to draft, but very soft and shiny.  We have this fiber available raw, degummed natural color, and degummed dyed jewel tones (see photo).  Natural color is a off-white color, takes acid or fiber reactive dyes beautifully.

Very soft and shiny silk fiber!  Ideal for textile arts and adding slubs to handspun yarns.

Raw fiber:  $5.00/  4 oz

  Degummed, natural color, $14.00/ 4 oz

  Degummed, jewel tones, $16.00/  4 oz


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